Tuesday, 29 April 2014

When she said it, it struck me strangely. "You are self centred" I was a bit shocked at the phrase.  I was expressing how I don't really like to burden people with my personal problems. She explained to me that it sometimes makes some people feel better to listen to your problems. I still don't understand. but during the two hour group theropy session I met a very wide range of woman. All the same but  very different. I don't know their exact reason for being there. And by the end of the two hours I wasn't sure I knew the exact reason I was there either. I left the group mentally from time to time and inside my head I was thinking. How we walk around and function everyday in society. Meeting people working with people passing them on the street But never really knowing what is going on inside their heads. The sadness the anger the withdrawn the feelings of hopelessness and even being on the verge of killing themselves.