Sunday, 29 May 2011

I Beg you to stay, when you've told me your leaving
You tell me you hate me and look at me that way
Today just isn't the day
I give you my tears I beg you to stay
I wake up beside you
Today just isn't the day
How long can we go on this way
 we never talk about it the tears just get in the way.
I know its the future i know its not far away
today just isn't the day
the tears will fade the anger will subside long after the day, The day i finally let you leave me the day at last you are fee to walk away.
 To many years to many tears am i killing you. I am your poison and you are my drug we are killing each other.  Each night in the same bed we lay int e dark the tears fall and i just tell myself
Today just isn't the day
together we are Toxic apart is so unknown Its the unknown that keeps us together
 No loner friends no longer alike no longer my husband I am no longer a wife. you want to leave and I   beg you to stay,
Today just isn't the day
But i know one day I will wake up and we will go our separate ways
And that will be the day