Monday, 30 March 2015

hello again

I don't want to know how much money I don't have. I have a pretty good idea and it looms over me like an iron fist. The weight of it pushing down on me with every idea that comes into my head.
The burden of debt. How do people do it. So many things to do and see, adventures to go on races to run and it all costs money or its to cold and wet outside to embark on them from here for free.
My husband is packing up our house. Things are disappearing more and more everyday. Shelves that were full of memories and books are empty only the odd nik nak remains on the shelves. I raid the recycling box for books and magazines he has decided I don't need anymore. I rescue them to pass them on to others who might enjoy them. Our old house is falling apart and need  repair endlessly. Moving to a more modern home would be in our best intrests. This idea I am all for. Space and no neighbours would be the biggest bouns.  I dream of a new yard where the dogs could roam and the gardens I could grow. This idea of moving is exciting and bleak all in the same thought. Packing away my things and cleaning all my clutter and hord is unnerving for me for these are the things I take comfort in that surround  me and make me feel rich. perging and sorting and hiding away this things is unfermilliar to me and am afraid to take this step. I will do it I hate procrastinating. I try to take optimistic approach, I do not know what lies ahead of  me on this adventure of moving. but I think it will be that an adventure and I look forward to the excitement (so I tell myself)
well off the library  in serch  of a new book to excape into.

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